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High-Efficiency AC Synchronous Motor

High-Efficiency AC Synchronous Motor

We, at K. R&D, have developed a high-efficiency AC synchronous motor "ECOSYNCHRO", which is as compact and light as epoch-making and utilizes an original mechanism quite different from conventional induction motor.

The new motor starts up as a DC brushless motor and then directly connect motor coil with AC source to transfer to synchronous operation after the rotation becomes synchronous. Starting circuit is a hybrid system with compact size and low cost.

For example in the power of 50W, the efficiency of the new motor is as high as about 85%, while that of conventional induction motor is about 50%.

The new motor "ECOSYNCHRO" of high-efficiency as well as compact and light, is best suited to fan motor, storage pump motor, circulating pump motor and vacuum pump motor as well as general motors.

We would be very appreciated it if this new motor would widely be used around the world to become helpful for the preservation of global environment with excellent energy-saving effect.

We are ready for licensing the patents of this motor.


compared with conventional 50W induction motor

CompactApproximately a half in volume.
LightweightedApproximately 35% lighter.
High-efficiencyEnergy-saving more than 40%.
The new motor with AC source attains energy-saving 40% or more less than DC brushless motor.
Parallel Running ApplicableA set of starting circuit drives parallel running of multiple motors regardless of motor power of the number of poles.
Flexible Starting CircuitIn a system with existing control circuit, partial integration of motor starting circuit drastically reduces costs.
Extra Low HeatingThe new motor with higher efficiency generates much less heat.
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